Our past defines our history.

A Quinta Da Eira do Prado é uma quinta situada em Carvalho, Celorico de Basto, Portugal. Uma quinta rural onde poderá desfrutar da harmonia com a natureza e a paz e tranquilidade que a envolve.


Tale about Quinta Eira do Prato

Once upon a time

There lived Queen Cristina, Woman of Arms, who heroically raised her three offspring, in a loving but very assertive way, far from her ghosts that paralyzed her heart, to the point of not beating until eternity...


Queen Cristina, at one point, had built a factory of the biggest and best Portuguese footwear, a shoe that glorified the national and international market, with a view to being a family heritage that would survive for the life of its offspring.


Her name Cristina, her ingrained courage, a woman of conviction and the talent to succeed alone in life, was envied to her, however she never failed to extend her hand to those who have nothing.


One day Cristina, on a day like so many others, where she played the role of Super Boss, Super Woman and Super Mother, came across the one who would become her Superman, named Zé, the Big but sweet Zé, who touching her hand said:


"And if after this deal made with Queen Cristina, you would accept my invitation to lunch?"


To which Queen Christina replied:


"Yes, Mr. Zé, I accept, but we will have to share the expense!"


This dubious "Yes", by Queen Cristina still brought the remnants of ghosts from the past, which tormented her, but she trusted, and gave her "YES"!!


This “YES” in the form of lunch was the beginning of the end of the biggest ghosts that the Queen still feared and the beginning of smiles together, conquests and the greatest work as a couple, the reconstruction of a Quinta in Celorico de Basto simultaneously with the reconstruction of two hearts in one!


Thus, in 1946, these hearts together began to live daily in a small room in this ruined farm, dedicating themselves to its rebirth, as well as the construction of Love for one another.